Welcome to Prince Edward Island.  Rejuvenate yourself during your stay at the Shipwright Inn with an unforgettable Massage.

So you’ve come to tiny, perfect Prince Edward Island to rest.
How about REALLY taking your leisure seriously and enjoy a relaxing massage.

You have R-R-Relaxation choices:

My name is Setsuko Nagai-Eagar. I am a Japanese woman who was born and raised in Japan and married a Maritimer, 10 years ago in Japan. Shortly after, we moved to PEI. I love living here in PEI. I am a well trained Therapist and have practiced massage therapy in many countries around the world. I have studied in Japan, Thailand, and India, and have worked in several prestigious 5 star hotel-spas in Japan. I will welcome you and guide you to a relaxing space, and help you enhance your health and natural beauty. Please enjoy the serenity and beauty of your time , here in PEI.

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Subject to availability

Aromatherapy: A massage using blended essential oils chosen to match the client’s condition in order to make their body and mind completely relaxed. 90 minute sessions include a head massage for extra relaxation.

*60min: $80  -> $59! |  *90min $120  -> $89!      *Option: Add Hot Stone therapy for $30 extra.  

Swedish Massage: Massage using regulated pressure, which is excellent for releasing knots and tension in the body. Stimulating and strong massage effectively eases a tired, aching back as well as the limbs.
60min: $80 -> $59!

Reflexology: The feet are connected to all organs of the body. An intense foot massage makes your whole body relaxed and refreshed.
60min: $80 -> $59!

Thai Massage: Traditional Thai massage is an active massage based on gentle stretch and shiatsu (deep tissue massage.) For this massage, I provide you with light, loose clothing to wear. 90 minute sessions include a head massage for extra relaxation.
60min: $80  -> $59! |  90min $120  -> $89!

Facial: First, treatment is a full face cleansing and exfoliation, followed by massage and mask which smoothen and brighten the skin.
60min: $100  -> $79!

Reiki: Reiki is Japanese energy work. It involves the transfer of universal energy through the hands of the therapist. It’s useful for helping ease and cure mental problems like insomnia, stress, worry, headache, etc.
60min: $80 -> $59!

Back & Head Massage: Oil massage focusing on the shoulders and back where there tends to be a lot of stress and tension. Also, a head massage, which is very relaxing and helps ease stress and tension.
60min: $80 -> $59!